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Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack

Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack
Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack

Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack    Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack

Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack. Steel security cabinet with 3-point locking system for greater security. Steel center partition and shelves can be installed or removed.

Top shelf is positioned in the front, so longer guns can be stored along the back wall. Holds 18 firearms up to 54 tall, or 9 firearms and storage or all storage.

Foam padding included for all shelves and the bottom of the cabinet. Sentinel by Stack On : 18 gun cabinet. Secure your firearms with the Stack-On Products Sentinel 18-Gun Security Cabinet. It features a black epoxy paint finish, chrome accents and a silk screen on the door. The steel security cabinet also has a three-point locking system for enhanced security.

It's fully convertible and has adjustable shelves that can be placed on the right or left side of the cabinet. The steel center partition and shelves can be installed or removed to customize the safe to fit your storage needs. The top shelf is positioned in the front of the unit, so long guns can be stored along the back wall. The Stack-On security cabinet holds 18 firearms up to 54 tall or nine firearms with extra storage.

Foam padding is included for all shelves and the bottom of the cabinet to protect your firearms from scratches. Stack-On Products Sentinel Gun Storage.

Stack-On security cabinet model number: GCWB-18. Features a black epoxy paint finish and brass colored accents and an attractive silk screen on the door. Fully convertible with adjustable shelves that can be placed on the right or left side of the cabinet. Good Value for the Price. Just what I expected for the price and it meets my needs perfectly.

It was a little cumbersome attaching some of the shelving because I needed someone to hold the shelves inside while lining up and inserting the screws from the outside. It's not a SAFE!

Takes about 1 he to setup but it does the job. Cheap in price, but honestly it's pretty solid quality. Definitely fulfills my need for space and organization. If you are like me and needed a place to store firearms, mags.

I have to hire someone to assemble the shelving. Very pleased with the product and the service.

Arrived on time and in pristine condition all parts and keys included. A well put together gun safe and very customizable plenty of room for guns (rifles, pistols and shotguns). It came with extenders to put on the gun rests to facilitate a rifle with a scope. Its a nice cabinet to keep children out of. It is not a vault, not fire or water proof. Just a metal cabinet with lock. It hold lots of rifles, we installed all the shelves to store our pistols and ammo.

We will be getting another one, I like thst there is no glass to break when there are kids running around in the house. Great budget friendly option for securing valuables! Its a great product for the price. Does what I need and I went in understanding it is not a safe.

It is exactly as described and good value for the price. I'm not super stoked with the pre-drilled holes for the shelves; but one can easily drill their own holes. You'll also want some battery touch lights or run some wired light source. It arrived 3 days before estimated arrival date, box was a little damaged but the cabinet was secured enough with foam pillars inside that there were no scratches or dents at all. I have read previous reviews about this item not being very secure against thieves, and thats because it is NOT a safe, it is a lockable steel cabinet which is great to keep children or guests from having access to firearms.

I use mine for my accessories and extra ammunition to free up space in my safe and it is perfect with plenty of space and shelves inside. Great value for the price and very easy to assemble the shelves inside. The key lock was pretty hard to turn initially, but a little WD40 made it smooth with more use. If you are looking for a sturdy, spacious, and affordable piece to secure your weapons or valuables away from kids or house guests, this is your item.

Largest most affordable safe i could find! I configured it to have 4 shelves and 1 side for the long guns. This safe is perfect for keeping the guns secured from the kids.

And a good deterrent from all others. The weight is on the lighter side and manageable to be moved around by ones self. We are fine with it. It's not fire proof and could probably be picked up and carried out the door by a robber but we just wanted a place to lock them up when the grandkids were here, that's all.

Serves it's purpose for us. Serves the purpose but dented when it came in. My husband likes it and it serves the purpose but it came straight out of the box with 3 small dents on the front of it. We didn't bother to return it because it took so long to come in and the area we have it, nobody will be able to see it but us. I would recommend but if dents bother you, make sure to look for dents when you get it out of the box.

This is a nice locker. You can set the shelves the way you want. Great quality and price as well.

Has a classic feel to it as well. Additionally, the keys weren't taped to the top like stated, nor were we able to find them in the packaging.

It was also difficult to get help from a person rather than an automated machine. Hopefully we will get sent keys soon.

We can live with the dents on the cabinet, but wish it would have arrived in pristine condition. Nice safe for the price! It is not as heavy as some of the more expensive safes, but for the price it was what we expected. We bolted it to a couple of wall studs from the inside of the cabinet and its nice and secure!!! One shelf was a little bent, but we were able to bend it back into shape and still use it.

Gift for husband, and he loves it. All guns are stored and locked in very nice, sturdy looking cabinet, bolted to the floor. Great cabinet at a great price!

Fantastic value for the price. I was very happy mine was undented and paint was perfect. It did not come with an owners manual or intructions but i was able to figure it out easily. Cheap for the quality, I'm very pleased. Great safe for the price.

It all depends on what your are looking for. If you just want a place to store fire arms away from you children and others, it works.

It is not fancy but it does lock things away. There is a youtube on this safe where someone carpets the whole safe, so if this is what you would like to do, do it before you customize it. It is easy to add shelves where you want to be able to accommodate your long guns and hand guns. All in all, for the price it works. My husband love it, however he was unable to put the shot gun shelf, due to having other things, but it wasn't necessary. Very nice quality, excellent value. What all gun owners need. A good place for keeping your guns safe. Easy to assemble, plenty of room for what we needed! This is a gun cabinet and not a safe. Understand what you are getting... This is not a gun safe! This is a gun cabinet. Think of this as a thick filing cabinet. Like other reviewers, my cabinet was bent, and one shelf was bent. I can live with it so I didn't try to return it. The Gun Cabinet is what I expected. It will do the job until I can afford a Gun Safe.

Then I realized the cabinet came locked and there wasn't any key! It turned out to be a real fiasco! Assembly was a little difficult to do alone. It definitely takes two people to assemble it. I would recommend this gun cabinet to any one who's looking for an inexpensive way to house your firearms.

It definitely won't be secure if someone decides to take a crowbar and open it! Or if there is a fire, I think it would melt into liquid. This is my 8th cabinet of this style. All are made by Stack-On under different model names.

This is the first one that was missing keys. Called vendor and keys were promptly replaced at no charge.

I've bought 2 and recommend this cabinet if you're looking for a gun cabinet of this size. I found similar cabinets that would cost twice as much. Awesome cabinet at an affordable price.

It far surpassed my expectations. I wasn't expecting the lock to be as sturdy as it turned out to be. Fits perfectly in my closet and the shelves are great.

Plenty of room for everything I needed and still have room for guns. It's dark but bought a gun case light makes its better. Actually fits like it says! Well designed and easy to use. If you are expecting top of the line, and expect it to go right together this is not for you. There is no way this in any configuration this cabinet will it fit anything close to 18 guns. It fit 9 rifles, an AR pistol and and a hand gun for me.

You will have to measure , drill and make this work for you. If you keep that in mind it is not a bad product. Most of the holes will not line up and you will have to drill.

If you are handy its not a big deal I made it work. But I read the reviews and I expected it would take me a while to assemble it. Great cabinet for the price.

Easy enough assembly and install. Feels well built and solid when bolted to the wall. I bought this to be a cheap way to lock up my guns and keep my kids away from them. That is exactly what I got. If you need cheap bulk storage or only need to lock out kids this is the way to go.

For price this is unbeatable. It ain't no Liberty heavy gauge but than you pay arm and a leg... Almost 8 times of this cost. If somebody has to get in it. They have to make a lot of noise.

It's visually appealing and has quite a few options to customise. Is unbeatable in terms of pricing for this. While it can hold 18 long guns, I imagine most people will want to use one side for storage, which really leaves it at about 10 long guns.

Easy to put together, extra set of hands go a long way. Only reason it has 4 stars and not 5 is because some of the internal shelving as well as the side a some small dents. Overall a great product, looks good and gets the job done of securing fire arms and ammo! Good deal that could be better. This safe arrived early, unfortunately it had a dent on the front frame.

I kept it since the dent didn't alter the function and was not visible being mounted inside a closet. Its locking system is not sophisticated, but it is adequate for safely keeping items secure from sticky fingers. Instructions were somewhat cryptic when it came time to assemble the shelves and divider.

That process required two people if you weren't blessed with four-foot arms. My wife helped by holding a box wrench on the nuts inside while I operated the screwdriver on the outside of the safe.

It was perfect my husband loved it... All his guns and ammo fit and are locked away n safe ty! This is a nice cabinet, overall pleased. I fit 9 rifles/shotguns in there with the half and half configuration.

7 on the left and there? S room for two more where the shelf is. 300 BLK were too short so I stuck a felt box to compensate for the height.

The only issue I experienced was the lock. The lock is unbelievably hard to turn. When I first opened, I thought that the key didn?

I finally played with it enough to find that it? S just incredibly hard to turn. I even bent one of the keys unlocking it so now I? M hesitant to keep it locked all of the time.

Better than most gun safes. Look at YouTube and see how easy it is to get in to a gun safe. Great Versatility; Own 2 & trying to locate a 3rd. Mounted on a level platform bolted to floor and wall. Filled it up in a couple of years bought a 2nd.

Same drill--filled it up and looking for a 3rd. I regularly open and close cabinets. Installed lights and golden rods. I assembled the internals with the shelves on the right the instructions were quite clear.

Great Gun and Storage Cabinet. This is a great gun/storage cabinet, understanding that it is a steel CABINET and NOT a fireproof gun SAFE. Various arrangements for the included shelving can be utilized, or the cabinet can be used for large stand up items, like rifles, utilizing the padded barrel mounts. It has a front key lock with a 3 point door latch mechanism for security. Great fit and finish on the cabinet. Can be configured in a variety of ways. Secure Storage for an Affordable Price. I've had this cabinet for a few years now, and couldn't be happier with it. It stores all of my firearms (10 long guns and 8 handguns) neatly, safely, and securely, along with a few dozen mags, miscellaneous accessories, and a four. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. Perhaps the best entry level gun security cabinet. Sturdy construction, decent locking mechanism, for the price. This is a very good low priced, minimal to moderate security gun cabinet that gets the job done, especially if you have a fairly secure place to keep your guns to begin with.

Decent shelf configuration options, comes with some small racks to help organize. Could not pull in, and it seemed to be inviting attention/theft. Easily could have been driven away with. But it's fairly heavy, took two people to comfortably move it into the house, so maybe that's why it was still there when I got home. Cabinet had a few small dents and one medium dent had a few scratches too.

Can not say if it was done by or people who delivered it. Great Safe for the price.

This safe arrived in perfect condition. No scratches, dents, and had both keys. Shelf assembly was a breeze. Safe is pretty sturdy for the price, and I love the 3 point locking.

Only reason I gave it 4 stars, is because I had it delivered to the store at. It arrived in a timely manner, but was put on hold all day for processing, until 6pm and then I was notified that it was delayed. Ok, no big deal, I'll wait till tomorrow morning.

Then the next day, I waited all day until around 430pm, still delayed. I came to the store, and talked to a manager. He went and found my safe.

No one understood why it hasn't been released. They finally released it to me and I was on my way. Might not seem like a big deal, but this was a gift. For the safe itself, I give 5 stars. Not Fort Knox, but good to keep visitors out of your bizness. Just bought this to secure my small firearms collection. S easy to set up, quite secure with good anchor points, configurable with different shelving arrangements! All around awesome cabinet for the price! More of a gun locker, not a safe. I found the shelves dented, but nothing a 2X4 and rubber mallet can't fix. I'm not going to send it back for that. This is made with sheet metal similar to a file cabinet, and is flimsy until you install the shelves and screws and then it gets pretty solid. Mounted it to the wall studs and it's pretty solid now.

More than enough room for my stuff. You get what you pay for; a thin metal box with a cheap lock. I needed something that was inexpensive and fit into a closet, but big enough to hold some rifles, pistols, and even a couple swords to keep out of reach from little hands.

Added a knife roll to hang on the door for my loose knives as well. Definitely needs to be secured to the floor or a wall; due to how light it is, it would take little effort for someone to tip it over. The ability to customize the interior is nice as well. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the shippers just left it in the middle of my driveway, and yes, someone was here. Other then that, a very nice Gun Cabinet. Instructions were poor and some shelve holes did not line up and had to re-drilled. Holds all my guns and I kept the shelf on the top for amo. I ended up getting two these. Using them for scoped rifles, spacious interior and modern locking system.

Great safe, arrived with a few dings, and one of the shelves were damaged, didnAcA? T plan on using all the shelves so it wasnt a bit deal for me, also wish they would have seperated the screw, was a bit annoying having to dig for the correct screw. Very easy to set up.

This cabinet was very easy to setup and install. Be sure to install inside shelves before bolting to the wall. For the price NOT BAD!!

For the price you cant beat it!! It is not a safe it is a locking cabinet as it says in the description. I was able to drill a few holes to lower the gun holders and it seems to be fine. I like the feel of it and seems to hold a good amount of stuff.

Overall very pleased with this item. It was not difficult at all to assemble and everything fit together well. The shelving arrangement makes it easy to store ammo, pistols, and all assorted shooting gear, as well as my photography equipment and binoculars all in one safe place.

It is a very strong cabinet, as advertised, but not a gun safe. Decent storage for the price. Enough space to store what i need to at the moment.

Kinda cheaply made and appears to be easy to break into but for the price for decent gun storage out of the reach of kids can't go wrong. Assembly instructions were a bit misleading and i ended up having to remove pieces from a prior step but all in all easy assembly. I'd definitely recommend this to keep your firearms away from children.

Fits nicely with the other in our closet. Great cabinet, just what we wanted! This Sentinel 18 gun cabinet was exactly what we were looking for to store our guns, ammo and accessories in.

It arrived with a very damaged box, but, the cabinet was in perfect shape. It only took about an hour to build it and get the shelves in the configuration we wanted. It holds a lot and is quite sturdy.

Keep in mind that this is not a safe, but, a gun cabinet. It's a great looking cabinet and we keep it in our bedroom. I would reccomend this cabinet to anyone looking for a great product that does what it advertises and also looks good! It will fit the bill. Just what i was looking for.

Assembly was a real pain though. Door could fit a little more snugly. Nice paint and gold trim on door. Much better price than i have seen on other sites.

Received the item in very good condition. Product as described, only thing that seemed strange was there was only 1 place to secure the center divider on the bottom of the safe as appose to the two that fasten on the top shelf.

Great gun cabinet easy to put together. Luckily the keys were with it saw some received it with no keys. They were poorly taped to the top of the safe, and top of box was opened. The assistant manager at the in West Jefferson was a great help. Great cabinet that can be configured a few different ways. Ideal for long guns without scopes. The safe is very good for 18 regular hunting rifle, but not for AR rifle. I can put 4 AR in nicely, 6 if have to. That is without the shelves. The rifle rest have to be readjust. Sentinel 18 Gun Fully Convertible Cabinet. Wasn't really looking for one but stumbled on a mark down one for a very small ding (1/8) on the front door.

How could I not, 78 bucks. Quality was good, definitely not a full size vault or fire rated but good for spare parts and ammo. All his guns fit in there and was real easy to assemble.

Was a xmas gift for my husband, so far so good, it is a bit wobbly though. Hoping once we get the guns in there the weight will hold it steady.

I bought this safe years ago. Small enough to fit through my house doors and closet locations but large enough for my use! From the reviews I was preparing myself for a dent and it was actually in pristine condition. The only tiny issue was all the acessories were spilled out of the manila folder and a small plastic plug is missing.

The cabinet is very elegant. S not a safe, we all know this, so I cana??

T take points away for not surviving fires, professional thieves, or socialists, but it is MUCH more robust than what i was expecting. Its not some flimsy foot locker. It serves its purpose well, to keep my kids and curious hands away from my guns.

Having keys is a little annoying because now i have to find a safe place (or small safe) to keep the keys out of their hands. It echoes noise, will bang up your guns, and is hard to look into without a flashlight. So plan an extra 30 bucks to line it and put some lights. S good enough to keep your little ones away from certain items.

Good home safe for guns and valuables. Small enough to fit in my closet. Price is good for the quality.

Easy to anchor to floor/walls. I just got this safe and love it!

Prefect height to stack a second, smaller safe for my everyday carry too! If I had one gripe, when I opened the safe for the first time, there was not enough hardware to hang and secure each of the shelves, so mine are resting on the pegs, not secured from the top as well.

This thing holds all my stuff, and keeps it oragnized. Great Quality and great pics.

Arrived in one piece, just minor assembly of the shelves. Showed up at doorstep with no damage. All shelves, keys, hardware were included. Easy to put together-very customizable with shelves.

Added an aftermarket latch with exterior lock which I drilled into cabinet. I recommend this specific cabinet for budget minded gun owners. Long shotguns in case fit well against the back of cabinet with top shelf installed. This cabinet is exactly as described by other reviewers -- good looking, very sturdy, quality lock, but not to be confused with a gun safe.

If you are indifferent as to which side your want to use for shelves, I would suggest the left. It is difficult to reach around the door to insert and tighten nuts on the right hand side. I read allot of reviews about receiving damaged so I had it sent to my local and picked it up after opening and the nape ring before accepting. Mine was in perfect condition. This has plenty of room and as long as you understand it's a cabinet not a safe you should love it.

This has plenty of room and as long as you understand ita?? S a cabinet not a safe you should love it. It meets my needs perfectly.

S not a gun vault, ita?? S a lockable gun cabinet. This is a 18 Gun safe.

I currenlty do not have that many guns, but has a good space for different size guns. Nice molded barrel rest with foam padded bottom. Locking system is little difficult just because its a 3 way locking system.

I like the removable shelves other knick knacks. This review was collected as part of a promotion. If you want a true safe this isn't it. You'd have to pay a lot more than this price point to get a truly secure safe.

But for what it is it's a pretty secure cabinet. It would probably discourage an amateur thief and it keeps my firearms safe from my grandchildren. A professional burglar could force his way into this cabinet in short order, so it all depends on what level of security you want and are willing to pay for. At this price point this is probably the best you're going to do. A lot of complaints about this item arriving damaged. Mine came well packed and in perfect condition so I guess I was lucky. This definitely isn't anything fancy.

The exterior is a bit plain so it's definitely something more suitable for a storage room. It has a very basic key lock on it and nothing more. It doesn't feel super heavy or like it would be hard to get in to.

Those things aren't necessary for most people who just want to have a place to put stuff that kids (and others) can't quickly and easily access... And this safe does that just fine. The shelving options are nice as well. This safe has plenty of capacity. Its securing mechanisms all seem sound, and its size and weight are fine. The safe's walls are suitably beefy. It is still easy to rapidly access, too, so I would recommend it.

Very happy with this cabinet, good size and door secures well with three locking points. Handles a wide variety of firearms with room for incidentals and ammunition. The sight offsets are a nice touch and can be configured to individual needs with ease. I love the security it provides.

The material is sturdy without being overly heavy; ita?? S easy to move and relocate as needed.

Secures my firearms without the added weight and price of a full size safe. D recommend this gun cabinet! I love that it's not that fancy come with just a lock and key no key pads or anything incase you have to get into it quick. I also like that there are shelves and cubbies and it's not just a open cube.

This is a great safe. To keep you, your family and your guns safe I csnt wait to show friends and family. Will definitely recommend this to anyone!

We got this because of the size and number of guns it can hold. It was easy to mount it up against the wall. I love the locking system and the space this gun safe provides.

It holds my gun perfect and they are very secured in place. I like the built and toughness along with the quality that it's made out of. It holds up to 18 guns and have a full shelf along with 4 half width adjustable one.

Over all very pleased and just the right size to lock up all your toys and information that is very important. I received it in perfect condition. Unboxing it was really easy.

The instructions on putting in the shelves and gun racks were kind of confusing but I figured it out. Love that they're many different ways to put in the shelves and gun racks. The size and space on this security cabinet is amazing, it holds so much. With 3 kids around, it feels good to know that my guns are locked up safe.

It's a great and solid gun cabinet!! I love this 18 gun cabinet. Its made of a good hard metal that is very strong and would be near impossible to break into. It holds all my guns perfectly and secure. That is very important being as I have 4 children in the home and I'm always looking for the safest way to hold our guns. We also use it to hold important papers like our marriage license and kids birth certificate. I feel alot safer with my guns locked out of the kids reach plus easy access for me if someone tries to get into my home. Customer service is our top priority! Please be sure to read the description thoroughly to make sure that this is the item you want before making a purchasing decision.

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  • Model: Multiple Model
  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity: 18 firearms up to 54" tall, or 9 firearms and storage
  • Convertible: adjustable shelves, right or left, with pads
  • Type: Gun Safe Firearm Cabinet
  • Locking: 3-point locking system for greater security
  • Finish: paint finish and brass colored accents
  • Features: Convertible, versatile
  • MPN: Does not apply
  • For Gun Type: Handgun, rifle, shotgun, weapons
  • Number of Guns: 18
  • Brand: Sentinel Stack On

Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack    Gun Safe Firearm Locking Storage Cabinet 18 Convertible Rifle Weapon Pistol Rack